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Vacancy Announcement Position: Programme Officer Campaign, Advocacy and Lobbying (CAL)


Vacancy Announcement Position: Programme Officer Campaign, Advocacy and Lobbying (CAL)

 Vacancy Announcement

Position: Programme Officer Campaign, Advocacy and Lobbying (CAL)

Issued: 10/03/2015


ESAFF is announcing a vacancy of the Programme Officer Campaign, Advocacy and lobbying (CAL) at its office in Morogoro- Tanzania. This vacancy is available effectively from April 2015. Women and youth from Eastern and Southern Africa where ESAFF works are encouraged to apply.

1.     CAL Job Purpose

Is a position in ESAFF Regional Secretariat responsible for campaigning, advocacy and lobbying. The Position of CAL officer provides strategic leadership to spearhead the Regional Secretariat’s and ESAFF members in campaign, advocacy and lobby actions and strategies. The CAL unit in liaison with the emerging organizational development support unit will be responsible for providing organizational development support to farmers through ESAFF. In liaison with the information and communication unit, ESAFF seeks to set up a specialized and robust information database and resource centre that would provide insights in policy and related fields in which ESAFF and its members have an interest. It is the responsibility of the CAL officer to ensure generation and collection of crucial CAL related information and to constantly updated it to suit the ever-changing context and member interests.


2.    Responsibilities of Programme Office CAL

(i)       Provide overall leadership to the CAL unit and especially establishing strategic presence in key sub regional, regional and global institutions for purposes of pursuing ESAFF’s advocacy agenda.

(ii)     Operationalize and constantly update the ESAFF Regional Secretariat CAL strategy.

(iii)    Planning budgeting and reporting for the CAL unit including mobilizing resources and fundraising.

(iv)   Capacity building and skills development in CAL of ESAFF members and staff.

(v)     Provide technical support to the ESAFF network in the area of advocacy campaign and lobby including relevant curriculum design

(vi)   Policy analysis at various levels and proposing relevant interventions for ESAFF.

(vii)  Establishing and maintaining a reliable system that ensures timely and quality production and dissemination of relevant advocacy products for the benefit of ESAFF members and the farmers that they work with.

(viii)Utilization of media (press releases and programs, social media and other means) to advance the interests of small scale farmers in the region

(ix)    Collaboration with the ESAFF information and communication unit to sift package and distribute relevant advocacy information to the various ESAFF stakeholders.

(x)      Guide and harmonize regional and Country level CAL initiatives and interventions. 

3.    External linkage of the CAL Officer

(i)       Build strategic alliances and ensure ESAFF’s visibility and presence as a champion of relevant regional and global CAL causes.

(ii)     Constantly publish and distribute ESAFF CAL materials, success stories and policy alternatives.

(iii)    Liaise with ESAFF’s partners to advance relevant CAL causes including trainings and representation of ESAFF.

(iv)   Undertake any such intervention as may be deemed essential by the ERC and the Board in advancing ESAFF’s interests and the interests of ESAFF’s key stakeholders especially farmers.

(v)     Monitoring, Reporting; Responsible for program monitoring as per the monitoring framework, reviewing projects for progress vs. plan. Ensuring timely reports from country chapters, will be responsible for submitting consolidated reports and reporting on the exceptional basis with action recommendation.


4.    Key attributes and skills  of the PO

  • Passion to agroecology and family farming
  • High-level of public policy analytical and research skills.
  • Possess excellent communication and negotiating skills.
  • Familiar with ESAFF related discourse at regional and global levels.
  • Good public relations skill and ability in writing
  • Competent in Computer applications usage, Communication and social media
  • Knowledge in dealing with the media and information and publishing industry.
  • Ability to work within a dynamic Multinational TEAM and under pressure and produce results
  • Possession of a good knowledge of the workings of regional and international organisations such as COMESA, SADAC, EU, AU, UN and global networks in different parts of the world is essential.
  • Proactive with excellent time management, planning & implementation skills and ability to meet deadlines
  • A high level of integrity, honesty and sense of responsibility
  • Ability to work under minimum supervision


5.    Key Qualifications for the post

  • The minimum degree, preferably a master degree in political science with related knowledge of international lobbying and advocacy.
  • At least three year experience in related post
  • Training in ESAFF related fields – agricultural extension service provision, sustainable agriculture, organic farming and or international diplomacy will be useful.


6.    Other professional qualifications needed for this job include:

  • IT especially in terms of computer literacy and trouble shooting
  • Facilitating advocacy and campaign training.

–          Program design and delivery.

7.    Key linkages within ESAFF

–     The CAL Officer is directly answerable to and is supervised by the ERC.

–  He/she has key relations with all program officers (Information and Communication  Organizational Development, Finance and Administration, Training and Research)

–       Relates with all the members and National Coordinators.

–    Where they exist, closely relates with advocacy and information/research officers in ESAFF member countries.  

8.    Background Information on ESAFF and the INVOLVE Project

The Eastern and Southern Africa Small Scale Farmers Forum (ESAFF) is a network of 530,000 memberships of smallholder farmers working in 15 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa. Initiated in 2003, ESAFF is led and owned by smallholder farmers. To date, ESAFF operates in 15 countries in the eastern and southern Africa region. These countries are; Tanzania through MVIWATA; Kenya (Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum – KESSFF), Uganda (ESAFF Uganda), Zambia (ESAFF Zambia); Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe Small Organic Famers Forum – ZIMSOFF), Lesotho (Lesotho Small Scale Farmers Forum); South Africa (ESAFF South Africa); Malawi (National Small Scale Farmers Movement – NASFAM); Rwanda (APEEE); Burundi (ESAFF Burundi); Madagascar (Confédération des Agriculteurs Malagas – CPM); Seychelles (Seychelles Farmers Association – SeyFA) and Mozambique (ROSA,  DRC (FOPAC) and Swaziland also joined ESAFF.


9.    How to apply

If you are interested to the job, kindly send an application through email to the undersigned an application letter with your current CV, and a motivation letter before 26thMarch 2015, 16hrs, East African Time. Women, and youth resided in East and Southern African countries are encouraged to apply. If you don’t hear from us by 1st April 2015, kindly consider yourself unsuccessful.

  1. Address your application to


ESAFF Regional Coordinator

Morogoro Postal Building,

P.O. Box 1782, Morogoro – Tanzania

Emails:, copy