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Webinar sessions

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    EAC Agriculture Budget Summit 2020

    Theme: “Lessons from the Malabo Biennial Review Report 2019 in Enhancing
    Agriculture and Food Security amid and post COVID -19”

    The Summit aims to bring together key stakeholders of the agriculture sector in EAC to take stock of the previous summits and deliberate on the 2nd Malabo Biennial Review Report of 2019 and
    align recommendations to the impact pf COVID 19 pandemic readmore


    SADC PF Standing Committee Food Agriculture and Natural Resources Virtual Session

    Theme: The Impact of COVID-19 on Food Security and Natural Resource Governance in Southern Africa: What Parliaments can do?

    Time: 13.00 -15:00 (GMT+2)


    • Hon. Tshitereke Baldwin Matibe    I  Mr. Joe Mzinga
    • Ms. Chikondi Chabvuta    I  Mr. Titus Gwemende 

    Webinar: The Impact of Covid-19 to Small Scale Farming, Food security and Sovereignty

    This communique is the result of the two webinars and consultations that were organised by ESAFF Uganda for East African Community -EAC- countries) and ESAFF regional office for (SADC countries). The two events brought together smallholder farmers and CSO stakeholders as well as law makers and policy makers. They were organised in collaborations between ESAFF and Oxfam after the outbreak of COVID – 19 in African continent. The event took place on 8th and 21st April 2020 respectively. Download and read  the Communique below

    Download the Communique

    The Impact of COVID-19 to small scale farming, food security, and sovereignty in the East African Region

    The people of East Africa are largely small-scale farmers with a significant role in food production and the agriculture sector, which is a priority policy objective of the East African Community (EAC). Before the impact of the desert locust on the sector could be assessed, on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. With ever-increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in the region, the entire East African regional governments have implemented strategic actions to protect the citizens including tightened borders, quarantines, restricted gatherings yet small scale farmers operate in groups. Eastern and Southern Africa Small-scale Farmers’ Forum (ESAFF) together with different organizations in EAC and beyond found it needed to have small-scale farmer leaders in the region and key strategic partners and stakeholders discuss the possible impact of the COVID-19 to small-scale farming, food security and sovereignty as well as develop actionable strategies to mitigate the negative impacts of COVID-19 on food security and sovereignty in the region. We, the small-scale farmers and representatives from national and regional farmer organizations, national organizations, regional and international organizations, private sector, public and private research organizations, media and students from EAC and beyond convened an On-line Conference on Wednesday 8th April 2020 on Zoom and discussed the impact of the COVID-19 to small-scale farming, food security, and sovereignty in the EAC