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ESAFF Farmers Affirm to Embrace Agroecology

28/08/2022 – Morogoro

Smallholder farmers accords Africa have been argued to embrace agroecological farming as agriculture is becoming more expensive and unsustainable.

Speaking after the visit at Vianzi SAT agroecology and research center, ESAFF farmer leaders from 14 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa said inorganic fertilizers and hybrid seed prices has sky rocked after COVID-19 and the conflict in Ukraine that smallholder farmers cannot afford.

Ms. Elizabeth Mpofu a farmer from Zimbabwe says despite the high price, inorganic fertilizers also harm soil fertility and human health.

Farmer Training Center (FTC) managed by the Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) is a center dedicated to farmers and experts who want to study about organic and agroecology and other interesting topics through a hands-on approach.

At the center, ESAFF farmers experienced many interesting technologies exhibited on the 900-acre organic demonstration farm and promised to find time to come and learn more.