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Oxfam Novib contributes to the ESAFF’s 3 Years Strategic Plan


In order to ensure smooth takeoff of the young regional small scale farmers’ forum (ESAFF), the international Dutch funding organisation – Oxfam Novib has agreed to fund the strategic plan of ESAFF which runs from September 2008 to August 2011. The financial support of Oxfam Novib to ESAFF’s strategic plan is 40% of the total budget of the strategic plan.

The realisation of the three years strategic plan will require a total of $ 902,900 and NOVIB will commit Euro 250,000 (US$ 396,475). Other funders have indicated readiness to support the small scale farmers’ forum. The Belgium VECO and Barcelona based GRAIN have shown interested to financially support ESAFF. During the implementation of the three years strategic plan ESAFF will nurture and develop other sources of funding ranging from membership fees to endowment funds.  
The strategic plan of ESAFF is focusing on 4 key result areas which are:
1.     Organizational and Institutional Development: To ensure that ESAFF’s capacity to fulfil its mandate is developed and is adequate.
2.     Food Security: To support smallholder farmers to contribute more meaningfully to food security in the region through improved access to the necessary resources, better government policies and sustainable agricultural practices
3.     Trade and Marketing: To empower smallholder farmers to understand, access and influence markets of agricultural produce.
4.     Gender, HIV/AIDS and Youth: To ensure that gender, HIV/AIDS and youth issues are incorporated in the work of ESAFF at all levels.