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A small scale farmer donates to ESAFF HQ office


In a move that can be translated as exemplary in enhancing ownership of a farmers organisation, a small scale farmer from Kilifi District in Kenya has donated office stationeries to ESAFF. The equipment that were donated included a wall fan, flat files, staplers, punching machines, small national flags, calculators and pens.

Speaking at a short handover ceremony that took place at the ESAFF Headquarters in Mororogo , Mr. Shaha who is one of the executive committee of ESAFF, said ESAFF has come a long way from just an idea to a registered association with its own office.

“We started back in 2002 during the WSSD in South Africa in which PELUM Association took initiative to convene a small scale farmers convergence… now seven years down the line is our time to make sure that we nurture and care ESAFF from within its membership” said Mr. Shaha. WSSD was the World Social and Sustainable Development international forum that was held in Johannesburg in 2002.

Commenting on the donation, Mr. Donati Senzia who works with PELUM Tanzania says that farmers association with broad membership can rely on members’ fees and donations to run their affairs. He added that “if we mobilize farmers to contribute to our organisations at least one dollar for one hundred thousand members, an organisation can have a budget for a year to run its own affairs”.

The donation by Mr. Shaha worth about USD 300