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Word from the Chairman

ESAFF through its member organizations has recorded a number of success stories: In Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Lesotho; national small-scale farmers’ fora are involved in campaigns to influence policies, land, trade, water and farmer-friendly credit schemes affecting farmers, also favourable land tenure policy and agriculture financing. This is done in collaboration with other like-minded players.

Present and Future Plans
ESAFF is prioritizing the strengthening of the National Fora with a view to increase membership at grassroot, country and regional level and forge partnership with regional and global progressive small-scale farmers’ movements, strategizing to influence national, regional, continental and global policies affecting small-scale farmers through campaigning, advocacy and lobbying. Mobilizing other national small scale farmers forum in the region to join ESAFF.

Hakim Baliraine

ESAFF Chairperson