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Second Biennial Review Report of 2019


This Second Biennial Review Report builds on the efforts of the first round and tracks the performance of countries on each of the 47 indicators (four more than in the inaugural report) that shows the performance of the continent towards a fully transformed agricultural sector. Considerable efforts have gone into improving the quality of the data, with more countries reporting in this round, and there is an Biennial Report to the AU Assembly on implementing the June 2014 Malabo Declaration... The 2nd Report to the February 2020 Assembly 2 overall positive trend in the performance of countries, even though only four countries achieved the required milestone to be on-track. This trajectory should be maintained, and the rate of progress accelerated, while measures are put in place to address weaknesses. The report shows that there is still a lot to be done in the march towards the transformation of the agricultural sector in Africa. We should collectively sustain the momentum, undertake bolder and deeper initiatives to accelerate the rate of progress, and ensure that agriculture contributes to the goals and targets set by Heads of State and Government by 2025. The report is the result of collaborative effort of AU Member States, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and several technical organizations and individuals, under the leadership of the African Union Commission and the African Union Development Agency - NEPAD. Through this report, we are pleased to provide the current status of the progress made by Members States of the Union in implementing the Assembly Decision in the CAADP Malabo Declaration

Author: Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture (DREA, African Union Commission)

Publisher: African Union Commission

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