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Training Workshop on SADC for MEDIA and NSAs in Tanzania (11 & 12 August 2020)

The Eastern and Southern Africa Small Scale Farmers Forum (ESAFF) together with Southern Africa Trust (SAT) and support from GIZ is implementing a project which aims to contribute towards strengthening non-state actors and media reporting and engagement on the SADC national and regional policy processes in Tanzania. The virtual workshop intends to build capacities of non-state actors and media on the status of policy processes in the SADC region in the areas of Industrialization, Agriculture and Trade]


  1. To enhance participation of citizens in the implementation of SADC Regional Integration Agenda
  2. To enhance awareness among local media houses and NSAs on SADC policies and the regional integration agenda
  3. To increased Media and NSAs reporting and participation in SADC policy dialogues and implementation from June 2020 towards the SADC summit in August 2020 in Maputo

Specific Objectives

  1. Building capacities of non-states actors and media on the status of policy processes in the SADC regional integration agenda as it relates to trade, agriculture and industrialisation at the national and regional levels
  2. Presentation of the regional integration toolkit on trade, industrialisation and agriculture
  3. Discussion on the state of non-state actor’s advocacy coordination and participation in the SADC policy processes
  4. Discussion on strengthening non-state actor coordination on the engagement with the SADC policy processes
  5. Develop a monitoring and evaluation plan with non-state actors during the workshop which will be used following the workshop to track progress on implementation of SADC policies
  6. Adoption of policy recommendation from non-state actors
  7. Popularisation and dissemination of information gathered through the media training by media forums/houses in the public domain through an adopted national “SADC regional integration” media campaign

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This document presents the SADC Regional Integration Policy Processes Toolkit (RIPPT) produced bythe Southern Africa Trust with support from the Germany Development Agency (GIZ) in partnership with the European Union. The Toolkit contributes towards providing knowledge that will enhance more meaningful and beneficial participation by SADC citizens in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) regional integration processes

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