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Our Open Letter to the G7 Initiative

The Italian G7 Presidency’s focus on food and climate is urgently needed.
The Apulia Food Systems Initiative’s in Africa joined-up approach to food and climate is welcome. Indeed, exacerbates the existing fragility and inequalities in our global foodsystem.

Have a look at the open letter of family farmersorganisations (link below ⬇ ) from across AFRICA, sent to Prime Minister Meloni this morning.
This new initiative is welcome but the key to success will be:

1. Engaging with family farmers organisations at an early stage (which has not been the case until now!!)….
2. Promote a transition towards more sustainable and just food systems…
3. Ensure climatefinance gets to where it is most needed, i.e. on the ground to farmersorganisations

Read the letter here: Open Letter – English – Final.docx (003)