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The Eastern and Southern Africa small scale Farmers’ ForumESAFF, is a network of small holder farmers that advocate for policy, practice and attitude change that reflects the needs, aspirations, and development of small-scale farmers in east and southern Africa. It was established in 2002 after the World Summit of Sustainable Development (WSSD) held in Johannesburg in South Africa. ESAFF is registered in Tanzania under Non Governmental Organisations Act 2002 of the United Republic of Tanzania.
Operational Area

To-date ESAFF operates in 13 countries namely in the eastern and southern Africa region. These countries are; Tanzania through MVIWATA; Kenya (Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum – KESSFF), Uganda (ESAFF Uganda), Zambia (ESAFF Zambia); Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe Small Organic Smallholder Famers Forum – ZIMSOFF), Lesotho (Lesotho Small Scale Farmers Forum); South Africa (ESAFF South Africa); Malawi (National Small Scale Farmers Movement -NASFAM); Rwanda (APPPE); Burundi (ESAFF Burundi); Madagascar (Confédération des Agriculteurs Malagas - CPM) ; Seychelles (Seychelles Farmers Association - SeyFA) and Mozambique (ROSA).

Vision Statement
A strong effective forum of empowered Small Scale Farmers with united voices in the policy processes for ecological agriculture and poverty free  Eastern and Southern Africa region. 
Mission Statement
Empowering Small Scale Farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa to influence development policies and promote ecological agriculture through capacity strenghening, research and networking. 
The Purpose
To enable small farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa to speak as a united voice so that the issues, concerns and recommendations of farmers become an integral part of policies and practices at grassroots, national, regional and international levels.
The origin of ESAFF
ESAFF is the Eastern and Southern Africa small scale Farmers’ Forum that was established out of the Small Scale Farmers’ Convergence (SFC) which as a parallel event at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) held in Johannesburg, South Africa in August 2002.
The SFC was attended by more than 300 small scale farmers from 19 countries representing Africa, Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia. The purpose of the Convergence was for the small scale farmers to have a forum to speak as a united voice so that the issues and recommendations of farmers could become an integral part of the deliberations and outcomes of the WSSD.
Organizational Structure
The Organisation powers and affairs shall be managed by the members through the following Organs:-
(a)        The Tri-Annual General Summit is held after every three years. The Summit constitutes of four members or delegates or representatives from each member country
(b)        The Annual General Meetings and or Extraordinary General Meetings held every year. AGM constitutes two members or delegates or representatives from each member country
(c)        The ESAFF Regional Board – is constituted of nine (9) elected at the Tri-Annual General Summit of the Organization. The tenure of office for Board members is three (3) years but renewable once when deemed appropriate subject to re-election.
(d)        The Secretariat is headed by the ESAFF Regional Coordinator and governed by rules, regulations and policies to be made by ESAFF Regional Board from time to time for the proper and efficient execution of the day to day activities of the Organisation under the oversight role of the Board.