ESAFF WEEK 2016, Dar es salaam - Tanzania from 9th May to 13 May 2016


The Eastern and Southern Africa Small scale farmers Forum (ESAFF) is organizing the ESAFF Week as from 9th to 14 May 2016. The week will be a combination of reflections, learning and planning together. It will also reflect draw lessons and learn on the nearly ended project dubbed as INVOLVE. More than 70 farmers and ESAFF stakeholders from Eastern and Southern Africa will take part, Farmers are expected to come from all ESAFF members: Burundi (ESAFF Burundi), DRC – FOPAC, Kenya – KESSFF, Lesotho – ESAFF Lesotho, Madagascar – CPM, Malawi – NASFAM, Seychelles – SEYFA, South Africa – ESAFF South Africa, Swaziland– CIEAS, Rwanda – ESAFF Rwanda/APPPE, Tanzania – MVIWATA, Uganda – ESAFF Uganda, Zambia – and ESAFF Zambia, Zimbabwe – ZIMSOFF. The Involve is an acronym of "Involving small scale farmers in policy dialogue and monitoring for improved food security in the East African Region." The project DCI-FOOD/2012/301-073 worth 1.8 million EUR was largely funded by European Union with matching funds from Oxfam Novib, BftW and Trust Africa. The Project at its final stage is implemented in 5 East African Countries: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The Project started in December 2012 and ends in May 2016. It draws its focus and strategy from ESAFF Strategic Plan of 2011-2014 as updated for 2014-2016. The week will also see the development of the ESAFF Strategic Plan 2016-2026 framework that will be adopted by the Annual General Meeting and approved a year later by the ESAFF Triennial General Summit (TGS) in June 2017. For more information: E-mail: coordinator@esaff.org