ESAFF Regional Workshop on Public Expenditure Tracking 2014/15, Nairobi, Kenya


 ESAFF is organising a two days regional workshop on Public Expenditure Tracking (PETS) for members in EAC . The event  on 28 and 29 Mwill draw together a total of 26 farmers and experts on PETS from the region and beyond.

The workshop will interrogate the Budgets outlook in the agriculture sector for 2014/15 in the five EAC countries and device strategy to raise the voice of farmers on budget. The workshop also will share on how to conduct a thorough PETS in 10 districts under EU funding as well as matching funding.

The event will outline the development and production of the Agriculture sector PETS Manual for small scale farmers in EAC as well as tool for SAM – Social Accountability monitoring.

ESAFF is building on what other CSOs are doing on SAM and PETS. Resource persons are from Uganda CSO Bag, Rwanda CCOAIB, Tanzania (ANSAF and MSTCDC), Burundi, The Kenya Institute of Economic Affairs as well as Action Aid International and Oxfam Pan African Program for sharing their experience. Participating are also staff and farmers from member organisations