ESAFF Endorses a Charter to End Extreme Hunger





ESAFF is among 28 global and regional organisations that has endorsed the Charter to End Extreme Hunger. The Charter was launched with endorsements by Prime Minister Raila Odinga of Kenya, Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Valerie Amos;and Musician Bob Geldof. You can watch the full press conference which is now online here:

Some good coverage on the launch also available in WaPo and Daily Nation in Kenya, Kenya Broadcasting Corp, and Canadian Broadcasting Corp

So far the following organisations have signed up to support the campaign include: Oxfam, ONE, SCUK, World Vision, Christian Aid, CAFOD, Tearfund, Action Aid, IMC, American Jewish World Service, Women’s Refugee Commission, West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) Regional Secretariat, Eastern & Southern Africa Farmers' Forum (ESAFF), The Eastern Africa Civil Society Forum (EACSOF), The Legal Resources Foundation, Channel 16, Church World Service, Merlin, ADRA International, Plan, Islamic Aid, Concern, Muslim Aid, International Rescue Committee, Global Poverty Project, Islamic Relief

Anne Mitaru
Oxfam International Horn Programme Governance Group Associate,
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