The climax of the week-long NaneNane celebrations marked on the 8th of August every year.





It is an auspicious week for the Tanzania  farmers, who constitute 80 per cent of population. They got the opportunity to display the advances they have made in the sector so far to improve output.
In this year’s shows MVIWATA emerged the winner and received the 1st prize at two centers of Themi Agricultural Show ground in Arusha and Mwalimu Nyerere ground in Morogoro. MVIWATA pavilion under the Non Governmental Organisations category emerged a winner and been awarded trophies and certificates.
The closing ceremonies at Eastern Zone NaneNane at the Mwalimu Nyerere ground in Morogoro municipality were graced by Hon. Mizengo Pinda, the Prime Minister.
Among of the issues highlighted during the celebration is lack of access to markets, high prices of farm inputs, unfavourable agricultural related policy, and lack collateral in accessing loans.
According to MVIWATA Executive Director Mr Stephen Ruvuga, farmers during harvest and selling of their crops are monitored, while nobody cares what cost they incurred during in the farming process.
Mr. Ruvuga was referring to the government ban of grain exports which has adversely affected the small producers. He said the farmers’ struggle for survival is taken for granted.
He insisted on the government to make policies that are favourable to small holder farmers and be accountable in public spending especially in agriculture programmes and governance.
Lack of access to markets has caused farmers to sell their crops at lower price that cannot cover the cost of production. “This has been bottleneck to farmers’ development, if are to remain, farmers will give up farming,” he said.
MVIWATA has done interventions to some challenges such as facilitating the formation of producer and marketing groups, conduct capacity building programme for market access, assist farmers to participate in agricultural shows, provide information on prices and construct rural markets for agricultural produce.
In this 2011 Farmers’ Day, the 17th national farmers exhibition celebrated at Nzuguni grounds in Dodoma,  more than 50 farmers were supported by MVIWATA to participate at Northern Zone and Eastern Zone agricultural shows. They represent others from MVIWATA networks in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.
The NaneNane festival is a national annual farmers’ day that brings together farmers, traders and the general public.


Susuma Msikula Susuma

MVIWATA communication Officer

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