Animal feed factory to get technical help from Mauritius - 08.07.2011






The Seychelles animal feed factory will get technical help from Mauritian feed firm Meaders, following the signing of an agreement last week.
The memorandum of understanding was signed by the Seychelles Farmers’ Marketing Cooperative chairman Serge Benstrong, who is also the Seychelles Farmers’ Association (Seyfa) chairperson and Meaders feed firm general manager Jocelyn Fanchette.
Present at the ceremony, held at Secti building Roche Caïman, were Meaders sales manager Iqbal Mohungoo and representatives from the Seychelles Agricultural Agency.
The animal feed factory, which is based on Bois De Rose Avenue, is run by the Seychelles Farmers’ Marketing Cooperative.
Mr Fanchette said Meaders prepares feed and feed ingredients for animals and fowls and has been in the business for about 18 years.
“The firm will help Seychelles animal feed factory to manufacture feeds that suit the requirements of the animals.”
It is vital for the factory to produce consistent and high quality feeds to satisfy Seychellois farmers’ demands, he said.
Mr Benstrong said Meaders will also provide staff of the animal feed factory with necessary training.
He said the factory will be refurbished soon and Meaders may help them to redesign its structure.
The agreement also aims to carry out a programme to make agricultural inputs affordable and accessible to all income groups of Seychelles.


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