ESAFF self monitoring and evaluation begins





In the process to ensure learning and smooth implementation of ESAFF's activities, the high level delegation from ESAFF HQ will commence a visit to member countries to share development in the implementation of various agenda. The monitoring visit will take place in December 2010.

The delegation will be led by the chairperson of ESAFF madame Elizabeth Mpofu. "This tour is on self assement of ESAFF since we started implementing our strategic plan in 2008" says Mai Mpofu. 

The self assesment visit will concentrate in the Eastern Africa member countries.  The main objective is to see how far member countries have gone in enhancing their institutional capacity: governance, internal policies, membership mobilisation, fundraising and relationship with both local and central government.

The first of the monitoring visit will be in Kenya where a member of ESAFF is the Kenya Small Scale farmers Forum - KESSFF. after Kenya the delegation will proceed to Burundi to meet ESAFF Burundi and thereafter to Rwanda. the final destination of the monitoring visit will be at ESAFF Uganda.

The report of the monitoring visit will be shared at the coming Board meeting to be held in january 2011.


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