Tanzania National Budget 2010/11: Small Scale Farmers perspective on the Agriculture Sector Budget



13 June 2010


small scale farmer leaders after press conference on their views on the Budget of Agriculture Sector


Agriculture sector: the Budget 2010/11, context and trend

In short these are the areas that have comforted us, small farmers of Tanzania in this budget of 2010/11.
  1. Challenges and shortcomings of the budget of 2010/11 to 2011/12 from the Farmers Perspective
  1. Recommendations to improve this budget and future budgets in line with farmers views
  1. Small farmers are the major producers of food in Tanzania. The thirst to attract investors in agriculture sector and issue various incentives should not forget us small farmers who are living in this country.
  2. We caution that most of the foreign large scale agriculture lnvestors in the country, like any other investors, their desire is to get as many tax holidays and tax relief as possible. They will need incentives to produce cash crop for export. Our contribution in producing subsistence food will still be needed for more years to come.
  3. We want extra efforts to be taken to educate and inform the farmers on the agriculture subsidies to be issued to them so as to contain few unscrupulous people who use the subsidies for their personal gain.
  4. We want the increase in budget to go hand in hand with management and control of funds at village and district level. There should be deliberate effort to see that the large portion of the agriculture budget are utilized for development activities rather than being used for allowances and transport.
  5. We want transparency to enable stakeholders and small farmers in planning, implementation and evaluating the agriculture budget from village, ward and council levels.
  6. We caution that the Agriculture Bank to be established should focus on small farmers, it should benefit us and have its branches in the remote villages where we (small scale farmers) live.
  7. We want that there should be deliberate effort to ensure that the Controller and Auditor General report reaches farmers in simple language so as to know how the officials are using our money.
  8. Whenever there is an unclean certificate from CAG issued to councils, residents should not be punished by being denied the funds allocated to us. There should be direct punishments to the executives who have messed up in the society and not collective punishment to members of the community.
  9. Also the council directors, MPs and councilors should ensure that as soon as the budget is approved they should submit the budget feedback  on the way it is going to be disbursed on time and make the feedback  transparent to enable us to make a followup on the way the money is spent.
  10. Finally, from now onwards small farmers will be organized to make a follow up on planning, implementation and evaluation of the local government budget. We request that there should be strong collaboration and political will to accord us such opportunity.  
Prepared by small scale farmer leaders who leads the following organizations;
 MVIWATA, PELUM Tanzania and the Eastern and Southern Africa Small Scale farmers Forum- ESAFF
Dar es salaam, 11 June 2010

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