EAC Budget Campaign Day



11th June 2010


 Farmer leaders delivering their opinion on the national budget 2010

 In June every year, East African governments namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi (Burundi will read its budget later in the year); present their annual budgets to their parliaments. Ministers for Planning and Ministers for Economy in these countries present their national budgets for the coming fiscal year.
In Tanzania, ten small scale farmer leaders from  various districts met in Dar es salaam to follow up the budget speech, do analysis and develop their official position (opinion). The analysis was shared widely to the public through media. "This is the first step, we will take ou opinion to the Parliamentary Commitee on Agriculture and come November, we will start engaging at villages, wards and districts level" says Marcelina Charles a farmer from Mvomero in Morogoro.
The event was organised by farmer organisations in Tanzania namely ESAFF, MVIWATA, and PELUM Tanzania
The analysis  

[1] Burundi will still be on elections

Farmer leaders at an historic press conference

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