Women Small Scale farmerís Conference Wins SADC approval





Women Small Scale farmer’s Conference Wins SADC approval


#Event said to instigate new thinking for improving  regional agriculture policies



Women Small Scale Farmers’ Conference, a regional event organised annually by  ESAFF is an important platform for awareness creation about women in agriculture and their needs.  


Southern African Development Community (SADC) Regional Agricultural Policy (RAP) Coordinator Mr. Martin Muchero hailed the event, noting that it has been paramount for instigating new thinking for improving regional agriculture policies. 


The coordinator made the sentiments at SADC Regional Agricultural Policy (RAP) Regional Working Group (RWG) meeting. ESAFF, SACAU, EJN and SADC CNGO are official member of the SADC RAP-RWG.


He was categorical that the event is an important avenue for airing the views and concerns of smallholder women farmers’  about  regional policies and programs for inclusion.


The Coordinator, speaking at 2015 conference, assured ESAFF a listening  ear from the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANR) Directorate of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in future engagements.


He was optimistic that ESAFF would build vibrant SSFs organisation with women on the lead.



SADC FANR would continue engaging SSFs in future processes and ESAFF would be given a leading role in mobilising SSFs participation in SADC Processes especially the RAP investment Plan (IP), he promised.

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