CAADP compact: ESAFF calls for more involvement





Addis Ababa ESAFF has underlined the need to involve all stakeholders in the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) process before signing the CAADP compact.

At the same time ESAFF want stakeholders to have a clear understanding of the Compact and what it entails.  The assertion came about when ESAFF attended the  9th CAADP PARTNERSHIP PLATFORM MEETING,  held at the  African Union Conference Centre, Addis Ababa Ethiopia last march.

At the meeting farmers organization which are recognized by AU and NEPAD had a chance to be on the panelist of speakers.  ESAFF and many other regional farmer organization did not make it to the panel level, thus the need for more advocacy for representation.

ESAFF was represented by the General Secretary and ESAFF Uganda Coordinator, some farmers came from NASFAM Malawi,  and ZIMSOF Zimbabwe.

The discussion in the three day was centered on harnessing Alternative Financing Models for Effective Agricultural Investments; Strengthening Country Leadership and Ownership; Establishing Instruments and Mechanism for Strengthening Accountability and Fostering Policy Reforms, Institutional Change and Structural Transformation.

It was noted that there has been weak involvement of all stake holders in the CAADP planning process thus there is need for POLICY Reforms, Institutional and Structural Transformation. Other important issues that were discussed include what type of agriculture should prevail in future, Taxation and land reforms, Seed breeding, post loss reduction in sub Sahara Africa.
It was noted that all regional blocs had not signed their CAADP Compact and many countries in SADC have not signed their compacts.

There was over 500 participants from African ministers of agriculture, High commissioners, Ambassadors, MP from African countries, PAN African parliament, MPs from EU, CSOs in Eastern, Central, Western, Southern,  and Northern Africa), International NGOs, all RECs representatives SADC, COMESA, EAC, ROPPA, ECOWAS, EU, NATO, WFP, FAO, IFAD IGAD and many others were part of this meeting.

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