"ESAFF is a small scale farmers organisation which its growth needs support from all well wishers. You support in terms of office furniture, stationeries, computers, printers, LCD projectors, cameras etc will make a difference to our Headquarters allocated in Morogoro, Tanzania and to national small scale farmers forums in the eastern and southern Africa.

These national small scale farmers forums are in Tanzania (MVIWATA), Burundi (BUSSFF), Rwanda (Imbaraga), Uganda (USAFF), and Kenya (KESSF). Other are Zambia (ESAFF Zambia), Zimbabwe (ZIMSOFF), Lesothon (LESSFF), Malawi (NASFAM), South Africa (ESAFF South Africa) and Seychelles (SeyFA).

For more information contact us at
Eastern and Southern Africa Small Scale Farmers' Forum - ESAFF
Old Mlali (SUA) Road, Plot No. 630/05/ P.O. Box 1782, Morogoro, Tanzania
TeleFax - +255-23-2600006/ E-mail esaff@esaff.org/coordinator@esaff.org
"small scale farmers speak for themselves"