Description of Activities

KESSFF has a number of activities ranging from capacity enhancement of members, lobbying, advocacy and campaigning as follows;
\Capacity enhancement of farmer leaders to ably lead their members live a dignified livelihood.

List Title

  • Lobbied against the over use of strong pesticides to kill pests and artificial/chemical soil additives to enhance productivity.
  • Joined forces with other like minded partners to participate in the Stop EPA Campaign.
  • Held several anti GMO demos besides engaging legislators on the imminent loss to our control of our seed diversity.
  • KESSFF sued the Gvt of Kenya for signing the interim EAC-EPA which farmers think will trample their basic human rights to a decent livelihood.
  • Mobilization of more members to join KESSFF continuous.
  • Currently dissemination of National Agro fuels workshop outcomes to EIGHT DISTRICTS MEMBERS.
  • Engagement of local Gvt functionaries to include the participation of farmer leaders in local policy formulation processes.

Geographic focus/coverage:

KESSFF is yet to make its presence in North Eastern Province bordering Somalia for fear of security but generally present in the rest of the regions of the country, despite the political increase/formation of more districts.


Sub-Sectoral Focus:

  • Policies: Involving farmer leaders in inclusion on district policy formulation boards.
  • Best Agriculture Practice: Encouraging farmers to adopt documenting farm practice in terms of costs and expended labour and maximize low inputs for maximum results.
  • Fisheries: A difficult sector riddled with official protection of international trawlers over fishing with banned huge ring nets inside the 200 mile nautical mile limitation under Kenyan sovereignty.
  • Livestock: Involving livestock keepers to value the keeping of manageable animals to discourage land degradation.
  • Food/Cash Crop Production: Mono cropping discouraged at farm level.
  • Organic Farming Practice: low external input practices at farm levels encouraged

Advocacy activities:

  • Agriculture Policies, Budgeting Process & Accountability: On going
  • Anti-GMO and agro fuel: On going
  • : Yet to started
  • Trade Issues: On going
  • Parliamentary Lobbying: Emphasis on individual approach of legislators at their constituency/local level.


Advocacy – Agriculture Policies, Budgeting Process & Accountability

Advocacy against Agro Fuels

Press statement of Kenyan Small Scale Farmers on G 8 funding on Agriculture