About Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum (KESSFF)

Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum (KESSFF) was established out of the Small Farmers Convergence (SFC) in Johannesburg, South Africa in August 2002, which was attended by more than 300 small-scale farmers from 19 countries representing Africa, Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia. The purpose of the convergence was for farmers to speak as a united voice, so that their issues and recommendations as farmers become an integral part of the deliberations of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD-02).

The Small Farmers Convergence was initiated by Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) Association, a regional network of civil society organizations based in 9 countries in East and Southern Africa. A council of farmers was elected at the convergence consisting of farmer leaders representing their countries.

KESSFF operates in the 47 counties of Kenya with 23 districts currently being active. It has a total number of 13,000 members of which 6000 are male while 7000 are females all represented in 548 organized farmer groups.

Advocacy activities

The main activities are

  • to mobilize small scale farmers who are mostly in mixed farming activities (Pastoralists, crop farmers and fishermen) for self-organization and collective voice
  • Create awareness on the issues affecting small scale farmers in Kenya
  • Provide a forum for small scale farmers in Kenya to share their experiences/ information and innovations

 Through their Campaign, Lobby and Advocacy activities, KESSFF has been lobbying their national government in collaboration with county governments to progressively scale up and sustain investment in the agricultural sector not only towards meeting CAADP 10% goal but also to inclusively benefit small scale farmers as drivers of food security. This will also address poverty reduction objectives.


A world where small-scale farmers are recognized at all levels and farming with dignity


To empower small-scale farmers with capacities at all levels, to enhance equal partnerships for sustainable and dignified livelihoods.

Core Values

Mutual trust

Hope and positive thinking

Equal participation

Transparency and accountability


Contact details

Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum

P.O. Box 26063

Nairobi, Kenya



Chairperson - Alfayo Kurunah Tum

Chairperson – Alfayo Kurunah Tum


Alfayo Kurunah Tum 

General Secretary

Justus Lavi