Esaff Burundi
Is the youngest member of ESAFF. It was established in June 2009 and got registered in september same year

About ESAFF Burundi
ESAFF Burundi is currently organizing its work in 5 provinces: Bubanza, Bujumbura-Mairie, Bujumbura-Rural, Cibitoke, and Kirundo. It is working towards extending its work within the 13 remaining provinces of Burundi.

What we do
ESAFF Burundi is working towards becoming the voice of Burundi small scale farmers in advocating and lobbying for the enactment and implementation of better farming policies at the national level through:

  • Building a strong network between farmers for the promotion and protection of their interests
  • Building farmers’ capacities through knowledge exchange at the national, regional and international level
  • Promoting sustainable development through responsible farming production strategies and build a suitable platform for fair trade and marketing of farming products.

Main Advocacy activities

  • Reorganizing small scale farmers at the national level
  • Raising awareness about the10% towards agriculture budget at the national  level
  • Started Public Social Accountability Model (PSAM) training in June 2015 with the first training session

Empower Burundi Small Scale Farmers’ capacities of claiming and enjoying their rights by promoting and protecting their interests through knowledge, advocacy and lobbying for fair trade and marketing policies.

Contribute to building sustainable development to improve not only small scale farmers’ lives but the life of the average Burundian family overall

Core values

Commitment: ESAFF Burundi is committed to help small scale farmers achieve sustainable development through efficient advocacy and lobbying strategies for better policies

Consistency: ESAFF Burundi intends to use consistent ways of bringing sustainable change to farmers’ lives

Efficiency: Sustainable change will only lead to sustainable development through efficiency in our everyday work; our input will determine our outputs

Innovativeness: Commitment to innovation and excellence will guarantee the realization of ESAFF Burundi vision 

Selemani Niyonkuru

Executive Secretary
Faustine Ndagijimana

Linka Nezerwe


Contact details
ESAFF Burundi
Building Makelele House 2nd floor
P. Box 6749, Bujumbura, Burundi
Cell number: +257 75 191 907



Selemani Niyonkuru - Chair Person

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